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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i'm kimberly guilfoyle and this is "the five". a world renowned doctor steals the show from president obama at the national prayer breakfast ir washington. blasting thebr president's janea right in frontng of him. it's a speech that's caught aro lot of people's attention, ladies, dr. benjamin carson. >> the pc police are out in force at all times. we've reached a point where a people are afraid to actually talk about what they want to say. our deficit is a big problem. what about ourbo taxation syste? when i pick up my bible, you
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know what i see? i see the fairest individual in the universe, god, he's given us a system. it's called tithe. >> he didn't stopme there becaue carson is head of neurosurgery at john hopkins. listen to his anecdote for obamacare. >> here is my solution. when the person is born, give him a birth certificate, electronic medical record and a health savings account. to which money can be contributed,n pretaxed, from tx time you're born to the time yot die. when you die, you can pass it on to your family members so that when you're 85 years old and you got six diseases, you're nots, trying to spend up everything. you're happy to pass it on and there is nobody talking about death panels. >> rush limbaugh said republicans could learn a thing or two from the good doctor. >> guy comes along in 43 seconds and sets43 out a position basedn out principles of individualvi responsibility and free market that is a logical solution that
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makes total sense to everybody who hears it. this man said it while obama is sitting there. this is the kind of thing the republican party should have been saying for the past four years!s. >> okay. greg, you said you have a lot to say about this. prove it. better make sure his taxes are paid up. that was the longest 43 seconds obama endured since the skeet shooting opportunity. but the doctor complete and absolute moron. can you really take a pediatric neurosurgeon seriously? what does he know? he operates on the brains of babies. take advice from sandra fluke. sandra fluke. she's so much more -- has so much more life experiences thani this pediatric neurosurgeon. that's my point. >> was that tongue in t cheek? >> i was being ironic that this guy knows what he's talking
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about, this is the guy you should listen to. not someone on the planet for 31 years trying toe get pills. >> so you're a fan? >> i liked him, too. it takese a lot of guts, first f all, to stand up in front of a room as i did this week and dana helped me out. >> she was your host. >> with you to do it and takeo down the president of the unitei states sitting five feet away, that guy has a lot of guts. his ideas are i agree that it's not that hard. it's notar that hard to figure t out. this guy figured it out in a couple of o minute. >> did you like what he had tohe say in terms of finances and taxes and kind of people paying their -- >> i did -- >> appropriate amount? >> i did. i thought it was fantastic. i want to point out greg is very tan today. >> so are you? >> you usually make fun of meel about my tans. >> i just wanted to point thatun out. you m rolled over me and i got t
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all over me. >> dana? >> makes good points, certainly. i guess the question is, was the venue the right place to make them? we do live in america. you actually can say things thay maybe the president would disagree with. perhaps, i don't know if they -- they might know each other. i did remember during a prayer breakfast in the bush administration, one of the speakers talked about the war. iraq war. and made comments that some people could take as critical of president bush and then that wao a big huge story about oh,, somebody finally hot guts to stand up to president bush atde the prayer breakfast. i don't see it as being that i different. >> bob, did you like any of his ideas?f >> i thought it was moreis disgraceful performances i have everpe seen? >> why? >> because people come together to honor the godle as they know him. this is a prayer breakfast. it's supposed to be one of the few things that's bipartisan. it's not a place to give
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political statements. if he wants to do that, cpac has meeting two months down the road. he ought to go back and take care of babies. i'm 'tilling you, i thought it was. inappropriate. it was mean t and it was just so far out of place. >> it sounds like you were objecting to where he made the comments. >> i think his ideas are screwy, too. >> point is, don't speak at cpac. if you have an opportunity s and the president is there and you y don't take that opportunity, you're a coward. let's face it, more actual doctors believe what carson is saying. every survey s shows that every actual practicing physician hates h obamacare. they're petrified of it. that's because they're all -- >> at a prayer breakfast? >> where is president obama showed up that wasn't a homesi turf for him? ever? >> that's not the point -- >> it is the point. that'sno exactly the point 'caut if you can't get him on youryo turf, you'll take a neutral zone. >> to stay up and. say these things, but this is a national
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remember conclude conclude. >> he won't show up at cpac or fox or anywhere where there is conservatives in the room. >> and he would not do q and a. >> i have invited him to my apartment and he will not come. carson spoke truth to power whiche is something the press used to laud 'cause they used to dous it. now i'mov not surprised steven croft didn't dive in and took him in the middle of this. because it's like they find it so objectionable and rude to actually talk to the emperor. >> can you think of a speech -- there is nothing sacred in n washington anymore. is there any place where thehe democrats haven't been exceedingly political at a speech, including one where you invite somebody to sit in the front rowit of the speech and disparage him and ridicule him in front of the world? >> you made his point about bush and iraq. i've never seen or heard a political comment like that. what you said about what he said, i didn't agree any of it.
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that's notny a surprise. this is something that my friend, cal thomas, who cannot be more conservative, he's evangelical christian, i got on the phone with him and he completely agreed, but this wasp the wrong place to do it. >> i called cal thomasng after u called him and he said, i just told bob that to make him happy. you know who agrees with carson? paul krugman. he was speaking at a sin bog and how he would deal with d the debt crisis? he said death panels. liberals are emboldened, now they can say how they really s feel. he just said w what carson said. >> let's listen to another piece of sound from dr. carson and this. >> you make $10 billion? you put in a billion. youi make $10, you put in one. some people say, well, that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made $10 billion as much as the guy who made 10. where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars is
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the pot. >> sounds like he's a free market kind of guy. >> again, how do we solve the problem? is it revenues? spending? clearly we've spendingro proble. one of the ways to solve the whole thing go to t the fair ta. it's time to start really looking r at a national sales tx on everything that's sold and eliminate the income tax. of t. fair tax proposallists are around 23% of every sale. what it would do is get rid of the irs and get rid of incomers taxes and go straight to use tax. you want this? you pay the taxxe on it. >> flat tax makes more sense. >> same thing. similar, very similar. >> similaril concept. >> when obama said you start y when they're born, give them a card and have them start saving, does he recognize there are millions of people who couldn't begin to save anything? >> but what he's saying is what lots of states have pout forward, which s are tax credit programs when a baby is born, if you want to start saving for a college education, you can start
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saving. >> i'm saying there are millions of people couldn't begin to save. >> thighs millions of people also have cell k phones and flat screen tv's in their house so they can save. if you can buy a phone, you can get health care. by the way, the doctor was making -- all he wasr doing was point that all doctors are making that no one understands. they're small businessmen. >> he was embarrassing barak obama. >> i would have done the samegu thing. if anybody had the same opportunity, they should. >> at least he was courageous to go there and speak his mind. >> you call that courage in. >> wasn't it nice to see president obama looked a little perturbed for once and rather than getting a tongue bath from the media for the last hour -- mine, the grin on his face during every 60 seconds thing wasin insane. so now it's nice to see him sweat a little. >> you know the last time he made that face? >> the mitt romney debate. >> he didn't know how to handle the heat. >> we should have had -- you're comparing that to a funeral? it kind of was a funeral.
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>> disgraceful. >> okay. bob didn't like it. i think we got that message loud and clear. but coming up, remember thatng sassy teenage jail bird who flipped the bird to a judge during her hearing? >> are you serious? >> i amer serious. adios. (bleep). >> come back again. >> that is a no no. that young lady has justas apologized to his honor and our cameras were rolling. that's ahead on "the five." stay with us searing for a bank designed for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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♪ . the senate grilling obama
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appointees on two fronts. listen to marco rubio press john brennan on a why we allowed tunisia to let the sole benghazi suspect go free, then listen to aa visibly angry senator lindsey graham questioning outgoing defense chief leon panetta and president obama's absence for much of the decisions p surrounding the terrorist attacks on our consulate in benghazi. >> the suspect in the benghazi attack and the tunisiansne detained him, correct? >> yes. >> he was taken into custody. released him. >> they did. >> where ishe he? >> he is still in tunisia. >> that's not a good system of working with our partner.ri >> during that eight hours, did the president show any curiousity about how isbo this going? what kind of assets do you have helpingdo these people? did he ever make that phone call? >> look, there is no question in my mind, the president of the united states was concerned about american lives. >> well, all due respect, i don't believe that's a crediblec
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statement if he never called and asked you are we helping these people? >> the questions h raised more questions than offering a any sort of answers. soy ask, is america a safer place or under more peril under president obama. oops? we weren't supposed to call itam that. are we safer? >> it's an interesting question. if you're into the drone program, then you're feeling pretty happy about killing terrorists. but what i'm concerned about is lost opportunities in terms of being able to get intelligence,t to gather information and to be able to make a bigger impact overall. but it hasn't become, you know, expedient enough for us to put people behind bars and, as he referred to, unfunded liability. >> what are you going to do? go to tune year where and get these people? >> what about leaning>> on them. >> what brennan saidis was thats the law of tunisia, we can not go in there and take this guyo out when they're following the laws of the country he lives in.
5:17 pm
i don't know what you expect. i don't know if we have enough soldiers to take over tunisia. >> no one is saying that. but you can t exert certainly diplomatic pressure to try and get them to turn him over. there is otherip ways -- >> i'm sure they've done that. >> dana, let's go to leon panetta testimony. he pointed out that president obama wasn't, in t fact, in theh room when all this was going on, that leon panetta made one phone call and he wasn't sure how long it lasted, but -- >> there is more holes in the benghazi cover-up story than a block of swiss cheese. >> i was hoping for something better. [ laughter ] >> i'm h working on it. on the benghazi piece, we were led to believe that they were on top of t it, 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon, they're having a a meeting andg they were on top of it all night long. then four months later,ig you gr the testimony that says, well, actually no, i never got a call. that's why congressional testimony is very important, no
5:18 pm
matter who is in office, the congressional branch that is what they are supposed to do tot help us figure that out. i wouldo say i do think that america isre safer today than it was on september 10, 2001, because of policies that were put b in place and then adopted and kept and maybe enhanced, improved by the obama administration. these were policies that needed to be in place before 2001, were not. went through the pain and the agony and reputational problems of the years of the bush administration, but when office,t obama took then even despite the rhetoric and inconsistencies of what they criticized presidentc bush for, it looks like they kept most off the policies. that's good. >> brennan was there under bush. he kept a>> lot of the policies. >> excuse me. there were more holes in this testimony than a fat man's hammock. [ laughter ] that's pretty good.ha right?oo >> depends on the hammock. >> better than swiss cheese. we never get answers on benghazi, or why were the calls
5:19 pm
for help ignored? we get more answers if congress gathereder a ouija board and the benghazi suspect is free while the film maker is still in jail. which reminds me, there is still a manhunt for this cop killer in the woods of california. i've heard susan rice is already arresting the director of "first blood." turn to this guy. this this is the guy who carried out the 2008 attacks on mumbai, india, in which more than 160 people were killed, including six americans. $10 million bounty. let's talk about this quickly around the table. $10 million, this guy is out. he's free. he's in there media. shouldn't we go in and say, look, he killed some americans, we want him? or cut off aid to pakistan? >> we're not going to do that. lot of talk for people to take a stronger stance
5:20 pm
with pakistan because with friends like that, who needsth enemies? let's be honest. they had bin laden in their midst and didn't tell a friend. we had to find out on our own and go in. but sure, we have to take a tougher stance because we're not going to be respected internationally. if there is nothing to deter them, if they're going to go unchecked. >> pakistan and as difficult as they are, key important part of that world, particularly because it borders afghanistan. in order to get this guy from the pakinstanis, it is not as if you had identified bin laud machine a particular house. this guyt is moving around,os again, it would require us to go into pakistant militarily. >> he was there for a long time. >> he's doing press conferences, for god's sake. >> i think he was out in the open. >> the answer you mighti get frm the administration is it's complicated and that with thist guy, if he's up in -- up andnd around and you can watch him that, might be better than cutting off aid and then risking a failed state, which might even beri worse.
5:21 pm
so it's not like a choice between good and bad. it's bad and worse. >> if you remember this crime, it was one of the worst things i've ever read. it was horrible the way they killed, theyrr butchered these people. this is where drones work. >> right. >> i said before, i'm e pro-droe and i think that if you could save american lives by using robotics or drones, go for it. send a drone in, take him out. whye not? >> why are these people don't t have an accident? >> that's the point. >> good old days. >> quit talk being it. some people need killing. kill him and then guess what? say sorry, you still want our money? >> we're going to have accidents? >> still to come, one college is offer ago refund to grads if their degree doesn't earn a job to't pay off the student loans. plus, why three ivy league schools are suing their former students. we're all schooled up, coming up
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♪ >> amazing, greg, is that i'm actually a better singer thantu >> really? >> yes. last didn't find that out night. >> did you hear you singing country music? all right. can we talk about my segment, which is colleges. they are leaving -- grad students areud leaving with overwhelming debt. one school in central michigan has an interesting plan to help its alum. starting this fall, spring arrest bore university will assist in paying off student loans if the student can't find a well c paying job when they graduate. three universitiesni elsewhere e doingin otherwise. george washington university,
5:27 pm
yale, and penn have all started suing their grads who can't paya up for the loans they gave them. so very different approaches. i like this michigan story, eric, because this is free market competition. if you're a parent and you're going to pay for your kids to gs to school, you would look at thisld and say, wait. they're going to pony up if they can't get a job? i would like to send my kid to thati school. >> that's good for a change, a school is accountable for which they're putting out instead of raising tuitions over and over t and over. by the way, the reason why tuitions areea skyrocketing is 'cause colleges realize there is there. money out the availability of student loans s is so easy that they knw they can keep jacking it up. we have a trillion dollars in student loan potential default on our hands. could be a trillion dollars time bomb ticking. it's the colleges to start getting accountability, sounds great. >> the trillion dollars time bomb could be worse than the housing market in terms of its magnitude. >> same thing. caused by the same thing. cheap longhorns too easy loans.
5:28 pm
easy money that shouldn't have gone to people who didn't deserve it or afford it. >> one of the problems with the schools is recommendations to students that they take a course -- take major or maybe a minor in subjects that aren't getting them jobs. law school is -- this is a problem with too many people going to law school and not enough legal jobs. do you think this will start a trend in that field? >> to say people shouldn't go to law school now? a law schoolt would say, we'll make sure, if m you don't find a job after going to our law school, we will pay you back? >> i think if you're a large law school, that's going to be more difficult to make that kind offi guarantee because it doesn't make sense financially. but if you're a smaller law school and you want to attract people to come, sure. doesn't that sound like good idea? money back guarantee. if we don't help you get a job, if you're not able to pay your bills, then we'll give you a rebate back. >> bob, you have kids that are -- one of college age and one going tonight do you like this g idea? >> i do like the idea of the michigan university.
5:29 pm
let me say this, if there is a distinction, those students there are getting sally mae loans. the other students, three of the most gw is the most ex opinionsive in the country, these areve loans the schools ml directly to the students. >> perkinsen loans? >> yeah. they're going after them. otherwise the school would havey to pay them back. which i think it's ridiculous.lo yale has close to a billion dollars in their -- what do yout call that? endowment. penn is doing quite well. gw is the same thing. gw g owns about half of downtown washington. the idea that they should gold after these kids is obscene. >> but you said you want to do comment on this. i don't know what you're going to say. >> that's not a question, dana. this foren doing years. >> what do you think? >> i have a great. suggestion, that -- i'm coming from the opposite side her from the student. this is genius. every student should stiff these expensive colleges on loans because after all, they need to learn the obscure term that is
5:30 pm
called capitalism and they got to pay fort fact they've been churning out lazy, stupid marxists every four years who put social justice before paying back loan. so how do youef solve this problem? you force all the marxist professors to be in charge of debt collection. they got to go c out and if dont get the loans back, they don't get their salaries.y that's my solution and don't become capitalist before you can -- >> eric bolling likes it. >> there is a problem. they can't stiff the university directly. it goes into a default student loan i default. which obama remember, when he was going to think about bailing out student loans. >> the money goes directly to the school. >> one thing you said, let's remember that most of these students will pay their loans. >> no, that's actually not -- we have a huge problem. the number n was 63% of increase in the number of people when are at a risk of default.
5:31 pm
>> yeah. they're behind. i understand that. >> how will they ever catch up?2 if you have 25 years to pay back the loan, that was one of the r new rules they put in place. basically your life expectancy is over by the time orgeat job and pay off this -- >> this is assuming these people are not going to get jobs. i have think the economy is coming backnk and them get jobs. but you're not going to have a trillion dollars default. >> right, because you know why? there will be a bailout. >> i'm not sure about that. bailout sally he mae? >> bailout is bailout, it will be billed as bailing out students, so they don't get sued by the university. >> i wish they would -- >> i bailed out sally mae when she got drunk that night. >> oh, boy. [ laughter ] >> then i took her to perkins. >> i'm on the hook for two loans. >> perkins is amazing. >> youle know how tough sally mn is? i'm on thek hook for two loans. a boatan died in accident and they're stillcc trying make me pay. >> who else should pay it?
5:32 pm
>> that's what happens. >> that's what you did. >> all right. >> we have such a great back half of the show comingk up. do you have anyal co-workers who spend hours in the office shopping on-line? what about checking twitter, facebook, or home page? they're called cyber loafers and greg will try to get them back to o work, next on "the five" great, everybody made it. we all work remotely so this is a big deal, our first full team gathering! i wanted to call on a few people. ashley, ashley marshall... here. since we're often all on the move, ashley suggested we use fedex office to hold packages for us. great job. [ applause ] thank you. and on a protocol note, i'd like to talk to tim hill about his tendency to use all caps in emails. [ shouting ] oh i'm sorry guys.
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>> weather alert. folks in the northeast digging out after a massive winter storm. reports of at least four storm-related deaths so far. up to three feet of snow in some spots. hurricane force winds knocking out power to more than 650,000
5:37 pm
homes and businesses. rhode island and massachusetts lifting their driving ban, about 90 minutes ago. the latest from the fox extreme weather center at the top of the hour. police in southern california now using aircraft with heat sensing technology in the search for ex-cop chris dorner. as about 100 police officers braving rough winter weather scouring the snow covered san bernardino mountsens. he's accused of killing a young couple on sunday and ambushing police and killing one officer on thursday. i'm arthel neville. see you back here at 6:00 o'clock eastern, alongside rick folbaum for all the latest headlines. log on to fox now back to "the five". a new study from kansas state finds that people who use the internet at work spend most
5:38 pm
of their time doing thingse unrelated to their job. cyber loafing accounts for 80% of time a spent by employees surfing the web. but i say forget the impact on work. y how does it affect your life? the danger of cyber loafing is the word itself. reporter attaches sign tore a word, it's because they're out of ideas. see day in a's new app, cyber c jasper. more important, the danger of surfing isn't the time wasting. it's the crippling fear of t action that it encourages inf your the laptop simply makes it that much easier to avoid doing things as you watch others do things all around the world. achievement has been replaced by observation and that makes it harder to move. we are creating a nation of gawkers, those who cannot speak to real people, but talk trash during the web. american is spending all its time in the high school bathrooms writing on the wall, stupidity,in signifying nothing. it keeps them out of the bars and away from me. just remember, no one on theirr,
5:39 pm
death bed will ever rememberem that great article they found on the ten best kitten individual vid yes,te sir. put down that computer and buy my book. you'll feel better on your death bed. i know i will, bob. i know i will. >> i thought we burr with reed that dog a long time ago.a >> no, that dog keeps coming back to life. that book is a zombie, saying>> read me. >> buy me. >> buy me. >> a sick woman. what do you -- that's all do you all day. you don't do any real work, dana. >> but i have like a circuit of my news web sites that i go and looko at. then your complaint is that i send you too many articles to read? >> that is true. >> i resemble this remark. i have a problem. like you get sucked in. >> i think the bigger problem, though -- >> sorry, you wereor rambling. >> i think the problem is it's not that it's work. it's that i think that it
5:40 pm
creates resistance to get up and do work. it's like it makes it harder. >> am i understanding this study that we arede spending 80% of te time doing things unrelated to what we're supposed to be doing? >> when we're on the web. so when you're using a computer 80% of the time on the computer is doing other things unremitted -- >> i want to call bs on this report. >> that number seems very t high >> i think it's true. she doesn't cyber loaf. she goes into the stores to shop. when she's on the computer, she's gathering research. >> some of the -- the number, esrnography, how many porn web sites are there, like literally -- >> millions. >> no, no. if you encompass all that, meant number nay be. >> i think you're correct.en and even in government agencies that's problem. bob, do you cyber loaf? >> yeah, i guess i do.'t i look at like three things inre the morning.g. >> please don't stay.oo >> no, i look at those at nighte
5:41 pm
three things in the morning t issues action and that's about it. you knownow me, i can't make the things work. one time i used the computer, i got lost in the university of egypt and i couldn't get out. >> what? >> yeah. >> that happens to the bestns oe us. >> i think eric is right. i think 80% is high. >> you know what the internet has provided for people at work? >> what? >> smoke breaks for the people who didn't smoke and you would always watch all the people that had to go down for their smoke break and to do sit at your desk and do your work? but now you can have on-line smoke b breaks. >> it's not a smoke break. it's>> a redistribution of a sme break. >> yeah. i want to ask kimberly a question. should workers be paid -- follow my hand. thered. you go. back here. we're on a show in front of america. should workers be paid overtime for checking their e-mail or work calls when they're off thea clock? >> come on. i don't like whiners?no
5:42 pm
>> really? >> and i know they're those saying we're checking workth e-mails. that's part of your job. when is anybody going to be happy toob have a job? we don't check our e-mail all the time on s the weekend? that's what you do if you want to do your job well. >> you were checking yours all night last night. l >> i was. i had a provincial i have got into the cough syrup. >> was i sunning e-mails last night? >> yeah, you were. >> they made absolutely no sense? >> what time was that? >> that's not true! d >> greg, yes, you were. s >> you remind me wildfire eric told me one day when i said eric, you called me last night and we had a conversation. >> yeah, you told him that story. >> i don't remember. >> wait, wait. you guys say late at night. you're talk like 9:00.:0 >> 4:00 o'clock in the morning was the last one i got from you. >> that is suchot bologna! >> i was just getting up. maybeou sven took your blackber.
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i fired him. he was stealing from me. toddler who can dribble better than michael jordan. we'll see his n hoop skills. basketball baby wonder next on "thell five" y wonder next on the fives. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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♪ . >> two-year-old titus ashby from kansas, you can not believe thic kid. he is a huge shoots basket hoops and he did it on "fox & friends." he got t over 2 million hits on youtube. >> basket hoops? >> he shoot basket hoops. >> oh, my! that's unbelievable! would you like to try this? what's this, a trampoline? >> should we do the trampoline shot? titus, he's been brought up his whole life has been dominated by basketball. will he w hit this? one more. yeah! good job! >> oh, my gosh.
5:48 pm
>> that's unbelievable. >> he's not a show pony. >> anybody have any thoughtsod about this little kid? >> i challenge that kid to a c game of one on one. seriously, i think i could beato him. >> i challenge thome a game of horse. >> really? >> you ever play that? >> no. what is that? >> actually that was my mom'ss game. >> i know what it is. >> on another note, that's nice to see titus. good luck when you get to the nba. we have know a lot of you are caught in snow storm and are locked in the home, millions of you in the northeast. so we decided we'd give you some advice about what you might wand to do in your home if you're stuck there which inn a snown storm. eric u got any thoughts? t >> you're going to me first? t >> yeah. when you're snowed in. >> stay herere and watch fox and "the five" and reruns.t >> and "cashin' in". >> i can't believe -- >> here is what i would do -- >> you stick with that.
5:49 pm
>> i would watch all the rerunsl of the great shows like -- what's my favorite? >> "homeland." >> correct. >> i'm going to rewatch her. >> if you're in for 55 hours, you can watch eric's shows. go ahead, dana what would you do? >> i think this is a i great opportunity to clean closets. >> oh, my gosh. >> a really good way to find things that you need. three piles. trash, maybe, and another. >> greg, what do you do? >> i got out'r all of my stuffed animals and my tea set and i set captain spiffer and sergeant fluffy and we all sit around and drink tea. actually there is nothing better than snow drinking, well, maybe summer drinking and then drinking.r summer, snow, you can't do anything. >> better than rain drinking. >> rain drinking. tin no. rain drinking is fun. sitting in a pub looking out, it's raining. that's great, too. >> oh, okay. >> slightly human drinking.
5:50 pm
>> good. >> i like to be super cozy. >> super cozy? >> yeah. >> i bet. >> watch movies ines bed and hae snacks and just fun things like that. [ laughter ] >> do you have guests over? >> not you!i >> listen, i just think the idea -- i'm a botch lore, i'm -- bachelor, i'm home alone. >> wene know. >> it's very disturb to go have to be home alone. so if you are home alone, find shortness or breath can spend that time with you who -- academic minded person or someonein to give you instructis on any number of things. >> how to use your ipad? >> yeah, how to use your ipad and how to use your ipad again. and how to grow vegetables. and how to do all kinds of life things. >> what are you talking about? >> i don't know. i'm trying to get around saying what i would do. >> democratic filibuster. >> you took my thing! >> why are you still wearinge those goggles? >> because my eyes are still shot from swimming.
5:51 pm
exercise will kill you. i went swimming to exercise and look at these. these eyes are shot? >> you don't swim in a hot tub, bob. >> you could! >> oh! >> unbelievable. >> i get scared 'cause then he'll get me >> yeah. >> that would be the equivalents of him -- >> you know what? you could swim in a hot tub. ronan was in the hot tub. >> that's what happened to me, i goggles. >> oh, i bet. >> what do you mean you bet what? lot ofjust saying, a weird stuff happens to you of the infectious sort. [ laughter ]ht >> am i right? >> wait, did you lose they're goggles or did they break is this. >> they broke first. [ laughter ] b come on! i'm a rodney dangerfield. you're going to see what happens to you. >> you're only 40, though.o >> no, my liver is about 95.
5:52 pm
>> he's like -- >> one more thing, is up next [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know it, but your mouth is under attack.
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♪ target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i understand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to... dad, i... no? ok.
5:56 pm
>> all right. it's time for one more thing. bob, why are you on the phone? >> i'm sorry. >> what are you doing? >> talking to myhi bookie. i'm sorry. i'll get back to you. i thought we were on a break. >> bob is really with it today.n >> never gets old. i >> here is another person who t was really with it. remember the woman who got in big trouble with the judge because she was impolite and wasn't a courteous. bob finds her attractive, of course. and she did a bad thing,hi flipping the bird to the judge. so she went in 30 days. >> are you serious? >> i am serious. adios. [ laughter ] (bleep). >> come back again. did you say that? >> yes, sir, i did. >> oh, did you say that? >> i find you in contempt. 30 days in the county jail. >> that judge wasn't playing. 30 d days. so of course, she apologized. >> my behavior was very
5:57 pm
irrational and i apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family. >> that's what happens when you abuse xanax, greg. >> orr santa. >> okay. eric? >> okay. when -- >> he looks like that. >> when you think marines, wenk have the utmost respect for all marines. how about this one? you don't think oft these types. take a look, that's luka, eight-year-old. she's a sergeant, i believe, tweet me if i'm not correct inre saying this. but i think she can have a rank of sergeant in the marine corps, german shepherd. she stepped on an ied. she lost her leg, but she savedn soldiers' lives in the meantime. you know what, bob? >> she's a good girl.
5:58 pm
>> how cute. >> real quick. "cashin' in," check it out. >> look at that tan! >> it's going to be a great show once again. >> you need animation when you smile. >> you could see -- >> like when -- >> you h can see a gliatech in e snow. >> day in a? >> many is, we all love our colleague, stuart varney, hosttu of varney and company. >> i hate him. >> believe it or not, he had to go to the national cattlemen beef association. he'suy the guy whose only amerin accent is that of john wayne. take a look at stuart varney. >> he looks happy. >> he loves america. >> he's a cowboy. we were thinking of you. >> greg? >> o'reilley tonight with mcquirk and red eye in this studio. we'll do it out of the fife because of the snow storm. we gote a good show. >> are you going to sanitize it
5:59 pm
after? >> what do you mean? >> what is wrong with you? >> after you are in it with "red eye." >> are you saying somehow that we're contaminated or infectious? >> you did getor the notice that none no. one else in thein business did to clean out your stuff. >> that's true. you had that memo about the spring >> that's where i found seth, my former assistant. >> i remember him. >> no, keep going, so bob can't do his one more thing. >> i'm going to turn to dr. carson. let me make a point. you talked about reading your bible and tighting. if you read it carefully, the great apostle, paul, says that we should always honor authority. and you sat next to the president of the united statesre and you belittled his programs. doctor, if i were you, i'd stick tos medicine -- >> excuse me. i didn't -- >> bob, this man is a very -- >> bob, we have no time


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